Beauty Lies in the Diversity

Beauty lies in the diversity. Hence the idea of preparing something different than usual – issue, whose feature is common to all texts published in it, namely its language. That is why everyone will find something for themselves.

First we encourage you to start from the interview with Artur Ruciński, done by Joanna Stanecka. Polish Opera singer tells history of his profession, daily life and lights and shadows of his career. Staying on the polish ground, we refer you to the Edukatornia sectio, where you will find Małgorzata Gamrat text about Ignacy Paderewski. It’s a fragment from the book From Poland with Music: 100 Years of Polish Composers Abroad (1918–2018), according to the concept of MEAKULTURA editor-in-chief, Dr. Marlena Wieczorek.Małgorzata Gamrat presents the figure of Paderewski through the prism of his emigration to the United States. In the Publications section there is a text by Marlena Wieczorek Life Choises: Causes and Effects of Migration. It raises issues related to the motivation of composers to emigrate. This text comes from the book From Poland with Music: 100 Years of Polish Composers Abroad (1918–2018) as well.

In Edukatornia section you will also find Anna Rusin’s text on “symphonic” works by Georg Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue, Concerto in F, An American in Paris and Cuban Overture. Also by Anna Rusin is an article about Charles Ives’ Unanswered question. In it, the author describes how the piece was received by the Lyon audience, as well as… by herself.

In the Reviews section, we publish the text by Anna Al-Araj Behind the Curtain: The Double Life of Veronique. It is an extensive analysis of the soundtrack by Zbigniew Preisner from the famous film The Double Life of Veronique by Krzysztof Kieślowski. The author describes how the cooperation between director and composer influenced the final shape of the film.

Enjoy reading!

List of essays:

  • Joanna Stanecka, Interview with Artur Ruciński HERE
  • Małgorzata Gamrat, From Poland with Music: Ignacy Jan Paderewski HERE
  • Marlena Wieczorek, Life Choises: Causes and Effects of Migration (part 1) HERE
  • Marlena Wieczorek, Life Choises: Causes and Effects of Migration (part 2) HERE
  • Anna Rusin, Gershwin’s “symphonics” – a brief analysis of musical components HERE
  • Anna Rusin, But… what is “the question”? HERE
  • Anna Al-Araj, Behind the Curtain: The Double Life of Veronique HERE
  • Cindy Bylander, Polish Musical Life in the Twentieth-Century. Preview of Forthcoming Book HERE
  • Beata Bolesławska-Lewandowska, Szymanowski and the young HERE
  • Beata Bolesławska-Lewandowska, The Composer at Radio Free Europe HERE

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