How to promote good music? "Save the Music" social campaign in Radio Poland's Report

Good music may be promoted in various ways. One of them is to talk loudly about things that are valuable and important in art, good music can be also promoted by means of clothing. Could there be any more emphatic way to express your attitude than through clothing? As Radio Poland’s Poznań correspondent Kalina Olejniczak reports, “Save the Music” is a campaign to promote outstanding musicians and composers.

Fashion in the name of music

“Save the Music” is a social campaign with educational and culture-forming meaning. It aims at supporting good music by the use of fashion and visual arts. Series of cultural events will take place as a part of the nationwide (and, eventually, international) campaign, including vernissages, concerts and fashion shows. Additionally, by purchasing unique clothes, the participants will have the opportunity not only to identify themselves with the message of the campaign but also to support actions of the MEAKULTURA Foundation.

Good music should be visible

We want to present the images of ingenious, often forgotten composers and musicians. In order to achieve it, famous artists will create portraits of influential musical figures, and fashion designers will create original fashion collections especially for the MEAKULTURA Foundation. In this original and attractive way, we want to make the society, especially the younger generation interested in lives and works of the artists who created international music heritage, starting from classical music to jazz and pop music. At the opening of the campaign, among others, Fryderyk Chopin, Hanka Ordonówna, Astor Piazzolla, Maria Callas, John Cage and Frank Zappa will appear.

Goal and the recipients of the campaign

“Save the Music” is a project that not only promotes music culture but it also aims at influencing the recipients and their way of thinking about music culture. It is necessary to educate young people, show them good examples, including the artistic ones, that is why we have chosen unusual promoting methods. Colorful clothes with interesting and eye-catching printed design will draw bigger attention than traditional ways of advertising. Beside young people, we want to reach adults, music, fashion and visual arts enthusiasts, nonconformists and trendsetters. We are addressing to all those people, including artists, who care about supporting culture and educating the society.

You can listen to the report of Radio Poland’s Poznań correspondent Kalina Olejniczak. Her guests were Kinga Król (Confashion) and Ewa Schreiber (MEAKULTURA Foundation).

As Radio Poland’s Poznań correspondent Kalina Olejniczak reports, “Save the Music” is a campaign to promote outstanding musicians and composers. – See more at: https://thenews.pl/1/6/Artykul/244143,How-to-promote-good-music-By-other-kinds-of-art#sthash.YVzx00PZ.dpuf


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