The Economy of Culture in Europe

Following an open invitation to tender (DE), the European Commission selected KEA European Affairs to carry out this study. KEA worked together with Media Group (Turku School of Economics) and MKW Wirtschaftsforschung GmbH.
This study is a first at European level. It highlights the direct (in terms of GDP, growth and employment) as well as the indirect (links between creativity and innovation, links with the ICT sector, regional development and attractiveness) contribution of the cultural and creative sectors towards the Lisbon Agenda.

A few figures:
– The sector turned over more than 654 billions Euros in 2003.
– The sector contributed to 2,6% of EU GDP in 2003.
– The overall growth of the sector’s value added was 19,7% in 1999-2003.
– In 2004, at least 5,8 million people worked in the sector, equivalent to 3,1% of total employed population in Europe.

We invite you to read the report in its entirety as well as the executive summary (soon also available in French and German).

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Plik 1 – Table of Content

Plik 2 – Foreword

Plik 3 – The Economy of Culture in Europe – Background and Context

Plik 4 – Delineating the Cultural & Creative Sector

Plik 5 – Mapping out the Economy of Culture in Figures

Plik 6 – The Indirect Contribution of the Cultural & Creative Sector to the Lisbon Agenda

Plik 7 – A Strategy for a Creative Europe

Plik 8 – Annexes

Plik 9 – Executive Summary

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