Future of Creative Industries. Implications for Research Policy

The creative industries comprise a large variety of fields, from those heavily industrialized such as advertising and marketing, broadcasting, film industries, Internet and mobile content industry, music industries, print and electronic publishing, and video and computer games, to the traditional fields of visual arts, performing arts, museums and library services. The sector is increasingly important from the economic point of view representing already a leading area of the economy in the OECD countries, with significant values of annual growth rates. Also, according to different cited sources, the creative sector could bring a significant contribution to the knowledge-based economy as it is knowledge and labour intensive and fosters innovation, with a huge potential for generation of employment and export expansion. This Working Paper identifies possible research needs for the creative industries. The technological challenges occupy a central place, approaching issues such as: the change of industries value chain under digital coding and therefore the need for new business models, the challenge of developing content for the new digital technologies, the Internet as future locus of art consumption, or the new distribution channels – like P2P, mobile online content and ad hoc device networks. Beside the technological challenges, issues such as cultural diversity and the circulation and exchange of cultural products are placed among the current concerns of the cultural policy

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